Who We Are?

The International Institute of Language and Training (IILT Pvt. Ltd.) is the fastest-growing language training institute that aims to offer the best English language training programs and coaching in Kerala. Our mission is to ignite eager minds and create lifelong learners. The concept and format were envisioned by a group of English language experts and medical professionals who seek to help learners master language skills. At IILT, we’ve built on the promise of educating inquiring, inquisitive minds. We offer our students and nurses quality education programs where they can efficiently develop their proficiency in the English language. We’ve decoupled learning from the traditional classroom and reached out to accommodate students along learning paradigms, pedagogies, mapping successful outcomes with blended programs and multichannel offerings. Our goal is to not just train and develop candidates who can pass their respective English language tests but also serve as a premier English coaching academy. We are invested in innovating creative education and language programs, with a focus on student outcomes, research, scholarship, retention of expert faculty, and corporate philanthropy.


To be the wind beneath your wings. IILT wants you to soar on ahead and reach for green pastures. We seek to imbibe students with effective communication skills, scholarship, and confidence to be able to achieve their dreams. Each year many of our students fulfill their language competency and testing requirements to successfully enroll in universities and colleges overseas. We aim to offer the best English language training programs.


We’re language experts. IILT provides top quality programs for international English language exams with the help of experienced faculty. Our courses are flexible and you can start at any time to suit your learning needs. Learning English will prepare you for future study and life around the world. We want to ignite eager minds and create lifelong learners.


The goal of our organization is to successfully develop engaging programs to train non-native speakers and ESL students to achieve competent and native level fluency so they can fulfill their academic and professional aspirations. We endeavor to be a partner in your success story.


  • Dedication
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Perseverance
  • Trust
  • Erudition

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Develop on-demand, student-centered programs that resonate with student audiences so they can achieve their required band scores in IELTS, OET, and other English language proficiency exams. Offer regular and online programs which are accessible for students so they can achieve their learning and test outcomes. Align student learning needs with competent faculty and staff. Become a student partner to help achieve their aspirations.

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